Since its inception in May 2016, the Digital Xtra Fund has distributed £450,000 to deserving extracurricular projects across Scotland. A new round of grant funding was launched on 16 June 2017 with submissions due by 1 September 2017. Application evaluations are currently ongoing.

In order to be eligible for Digital Xtra Funding, applicants must demonstrate:

  • The Main Applicant is a registered company, school, college, university, not for profit or charitable organisation actively involved in the provision of computing and digital technologies related activities
  • The activity meets the core objectives of the Digital Xtra Fund as outlined in the Grant Application Guidelines
  • The activity is extracurricular as defined below:

All activities that enable young people aged 16 years and under to learn various digital technologies related skills and occurs outside the realm of the core school education curriculum; whilst providing a safe, fun and sociable environment in which to do it.

Activities which are delivered by teachers and/or in the school environment are defined as extracurricular provided they do not form part of the core school curriculum.

Activities relating to only the use of technology and which could be considered as digital literacy are excluded from this funding.


What we want to achieve

The core objective of the Digital Xtra Fund is to increase the number and range of young people learning digital technologies and computing science related skills through extracurricular activity. Projects must clearly demonstrate how participants will be involved in digital making/creation and what skills they will learn.

Projects are sought which tangibly demonstrate exciting and stimulating ways of engaging young people. In particular, the Digital Xtra Fund is keen to support projects which appeal to:

  • young people previously unengaged in digital technologies
  • girls and young women
  • young people from areas often excluded from digital technologies activities through lack of local facilities/geography (i.e. areas of high deprivation and/or rural isolation)
  • young people from other underrepresented groups (i.e. minority ethnic groups or young people with disabilities)


The Digital Xtra Fund is also keen to increase the numbers of young people studying digital technologies or computing science related disciplines and pursuing digital tech careers. Therefore, activities which contextualise the skills learned and promote various pathways into a career in digital tech or computing science are also particularly of interest. Partnerships with other organisations such as industry, local or national government bodies, charities, schools, other extracurricular activity providers, etc. are strongly encouraged to help achieve this aim.

What we are looking for

The Digital Extra Fund will be looking for evidence that the grant is needed, is of value, and that the project will provide a positive impact on the provision of extracurricular digital technologies and computing science activity across Scotland for young people aged 16 years and under.

Applicants will need to clearly demonstrate how the proposed project aligns with the the objectives of the Digital Xtra Fund as well as:

  • define measurable and realistic targets and outcomes for the proposed project
  • indicate how participants will learn about the proposed project and become involved
  • explore partnerships with industry and other key stakeholders in order to generate synergy
  • outline plans to sustain and/or develop the activity post grant
  • provide a project plan including key personnel, budget, and key milestones
  • provide post-project evaluation


Please note, the Digital Xtra Fund does not currently accept grant proposals outwith specific funding rounds. Thank you.


Information about the next grant awards cycle will become available soon. Please follow Digital Xtra Fund on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to receive the latest updates!

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