Since its inception in May 2016, The Digital Xtra Fund has distributed £400,000 to deserving extracurricular projects across Scotland.

Grant Funding is currently closed for new applications but details will be released in the future as new tranches are released.

In order to be eligible for Digital Xtra Funding, applicants must demonstrate:

  • Either they, or their partner organisation are a legal entity with a registered company or charity registration number
  • The activity is extracurricular as defined below:

All activities that enable young people aged 16 years and under to learn a wealth of computing science related skills that fall outside the realm of the normal school education curriculum, whilst providing a safe, fun and sociable environment in which to do it. Applications for activities which are delivered by teachers and/or in the school environment are acceptable as long as they do not form part of the core school curriculum.

  • The activity meets the core objective of the Digital Xtra Fund by teaching young people aged 16 yrs and under, computer science related skills.


What we are looking for

The core objective of Digital Xtra is to increase the number of young people learning computer science related digital skills in an extracurricular setting. Therefore projects must clearly demonstrate how participants will be involved in digital making/creation and what computer science related skills they will learn.

The Digital Xtra Fund is keen to increase the numbers of young people who will consider studying computing science related disciplines and entering technology careers therefore applications are sought which tangibly demonstrate exciting and stimulating ways of engaging additional young people, particularly girls and other underrepresented groups, in computer science related activities.

We are also keen to reach young people who currently are not engaged in extracurricular activities through barriers such as geographical location. Any application should demonstrate who you will target as well as the process you will undertake to reach them.

Your project must involve young people in activities such as making technology and creating content through computational thinking rather than simply consuming or learning about technologies or careers within the Industry.

As an example, areas that will be considered for funding include:

  • Application Development
  • Game Development
  • Web Development
  • Animation

Activities relating to only the use of technology and which could be considered as digital literacy e.g. use of tablets or browsing tips are excluded from this funding.

The Digital Extra Fund Evaluation Panel will be looking for evidence that the investment is needed and that the project activity will extend the reach of what is currently available within Scotland for under 16s.

Applicants will need to demonstrate that the outcomes of the project are measurable, meet the objectives of the Digital Xtra Fund and support the Digital Technology Skills Investment Plan by making a demonstrable positive impact on the provision of extracurricular computing science related activity across Scotland.


The DigitalXtra Fund is currently closed for applications.

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