Passionate about developing our Young People?

Digital Xtra has the potential to become Scotland’s de facto Digital Skills Fund dedicated to supporting organisations and groups delivering extracurricular computing science and related digital skills to young people across the whole country.

Digital Xtra is committed to developing long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of companies and organisations operating in Scotland who share our passion for developing the computing skills of our young people.

We are working with our strategic partners (Skills Development Scotland, HIE & Education Scotland) in a number of ways to ensure that we can sustain and grow the Fund to continue supporting organisations on the front line delivering computer science activities to Under 16s. Not just this year but for many years to come.

To date the fund has supported 22 projects which have directly engaged over 15,000 young people across Scotland in computing science, with a particular focus on engaging those from harder to reach groups. The projects will bring new opportunities to rural and disadvantaged areas as well as encouraging more girls to try computing.

Can you imagine what we could do together? Can you imagine the numbers of young people we could fire up about technology – not as consumers but as digital makers? Can you imagine how many of those young people will see computing and digital in a new light and actively seek to enter the tech industry as a result?


Digital Xtra Fund offers a unique opportunity. Let’s grasp it

Three chi;ldren with laptop

We need Your Support

We offer a whole range of opportunities for individuals and organisations to join us; from becoming an official funding partner to supporting specific activities in a particular region to providing us with expertise.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities to get involved with the Digital Xtra Fund please contact us now. We’re always available for a chat and suggestions!

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