What is Digital Xtra Fund?

Created in 2016, our goal is for every young person in Scotland to have access to innovative and digitally creative activities regardless of their gender, background, or where they live. The aims of Digital Xtra Fund are to:

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Inspire the next generation to understand and create with technology, not simply consume it, by increasing the provision of high-quality extracurricular digital skills activities and help young people understand the breadth of future career opportunities these skills can provide

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Enable exciting extracurricular digital skills activities for young people across Scotland through grant awards, with a particular focus on groups underrepresented in the digital technologies industry or areas excluded through lack of resources or facilities



Engage our Partners in supported activities, giving industry experts and young people the opportunity to connect in informal and creative settings. Our Partners also participate in the grant awards process by contributing expertise to the Fund’s Evaluation Panel

Find out how Digital Xtra Fund is supporting organisations to help inspire
the next generation of developers, designers, and digital technologists in Scotland:

How to get involved in Digital Xtra Fund?

Whether you are a business or organisation seeking to support digital skills for young people, have a project that needs funding, or simply seeking your nearest coding club – we can help:

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Become a Partner

Is your company passionate about helping young people learn the skills needed to succeed in a digital world? Partner with Digital Xtra Fund to help enable exciting extracurricular digital skills activities for young people across Scotland

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Apply for Funding

Do you have an amazing project that will engage and inspire young people in computing science and digital technologies, but need some financial support? 

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Find an Activity

Are you looking to get involved in digital tech? Search our interactive map to find what inspiring activities and initiatives are taking place in your area. Is your activity or initiative missing from our map? Then let us know!

Learn about Digital Xtra Fund’s Partners and Supporters who provide the financial support, 
in-kind support, and expertise to help us engage thousands of young people across Scotland:

Working together to boost digital skills across Scotland

The Scottish digital technology sector is expanding, resulting in an increasing demand for employees with high level digital technology skills. However, there is now clear evidence that the talent pipeline in Scotland must expand in order to meet this demand. Young people are avid consumers of technology, but it’s important that we stimulate their interest in computing science from an early age through fun and engaging extracurricular activities as well as provide context to these skills. It is imperative that young people consider computing science and digital technologies as positive career path, otherwise the resulting skills gap will have long-term consequences on their future opportunities as well as that of the Scottish economy.

Backed by businesses, organisations, and individuals with a common will to help young people succeed in a digital world, Digital Xtra Fund is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) that supports the delivery of extracurricular computing and digital activities to young people, aged 16 and under, across Scotland. It specifically seeks to improve participation of girls and underrepresented groups in digital, dispel negative perceptions about computing science, and promote digital technologies as an attractive career path.

To date, the Fund has distributed £550,000 in support of inspiring digital skills initiatives across Scotland

Read about the latest amazing computing and digital technologies initiatives we’ve helped fund:

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