18 Jan 2017

Digital Xtra Map Updated with Latest Coderdojo & ComputerXplorer Info

The Digital Xtra Map has been updated to include the latest information on CoderDojo activities and locations and to add a new set of extracurricular activities: ComputerXplorers

ComputerXplorers is part of the world’s largest franchised network providing fun and engaging quality technology and computing education for children from the age of 3 to 13.

Each ComputerXplorers business in the UK is independently owned and operated. ComputerXplorers operates across the UK and has several locations within Scotland, all of which have now been added to the Map.  ComputerXplorers designs its own unique after school extracurricular computing clubs to deliver a wide range of digital skills in a fun, innovative and engaging way. They are the ideal way to support the computing curriculum. Sessions are always fun and have the added benefit of delivering tangible education and technology skills – creating children who are e-confident and competent: a great head-start in life, adding a fantastic boost to their all-important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills.

CoderDojo Scotland is part of a global collaboration that provides free coding clubs for young people. It enables them to learn everything they need to become great programmers whilst providing a safe, fun and sociable environment to do it in. Between April 2015 and September 2016, CoderDojo Scotland delivered 358 sessions reaching 4980 young Scots.

At a CoderDojo the learning is led by the young people – there is no set curriculum. CoderDojo encourages its volunteer mentors to share their knowledge in areas they are passionate about. It therefore provides a great learning experience for both the mentors as well as the young people.

EDIT: The Interactive Map has been moved to Digital World to include a wider variety of resources. To find activities and clubs near you, open the Interactive Map HERE, select Clubs or Events and voila!

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