29 Sep 2016

DigitalXtra Event Showcases Extracurricular Computing Projects

Digital Xtra hosted an event at the IET Teacher Building Glasgow on today designed to showcase some of the projects that had been awarded grants in the first tranche of funding. 

Teams from Rampaging Chariots Guild, Forfar Academy Angus Young Engineers Club and Scottish Council for Development & Industry in partnership with BT, gave practical demonstrations of their extracurricular projects. Whilst project members from Edinburgh College, Inverness College and Scottish Libraries and Information Council gave presentations to an audience which included senior representatives from across Scotland’s technology, education and public sectors. 

The event was formally opened by Polly Purvis, CEO, ScotlandIS and a member of the cross organisation Steering Group that has developed the Digital Xtra Fund programme. 

The Audience also heard presentations from Maggie Morrison, VP, Public Sector CGI, who highlighted the challenges faced by Scotland’s technology and digital sector in attracting new talent into the industry, and from Ian Ritchie CBE, who provided an overview of the plans for the Digital Xtra Fund moving forward highlighting how important extracurricular activities are for generating interest in computing science subjects in young people. 

Members of the audience were invited to consider ways in which their organisations can actively support the aims and objectives of the Digital Xtra Fund. 

A Full Set of Presentations given on the Day can be downloaded HERE

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